how shall i begin?

my wife… have i mentioned i have a wife?  she’s brilliant, in every way. seriously.

anywhoo, my wife has been baby-crazed for as long as i can remember.

it’s at her core to be a mom.

it’s just who she is.

and so whenever we went into a store, we just naturally made our way to the baby section.

(surprise, surprise)

we’d look at baby shirts, baby shorts, baby suits, baby dresses, baby sunglasses, baby hats, baby swimsuits, baby socks, baby shoes, baby toys, baby blankets, baby food, baby bottles, baby monitors, baby wipes, diaper bags, diapers, baby powder, strollers, high chairs, baby spoons, baby food, pacifiers, changing tables, cribs, baby mobiles, baby swings and some kind of boob suckers for moms that looked to be the most unpleasant thing anyone could have ever invented… apparently they’re for milk or something… ouch.

and eventually we’d make our way over to the book section.

she’d find four or five right away, on any given topic, that looked like good reads.

and tucked away in a corner, were the “dad books”

now, may i just ask… who the heck writes these books?

are they written by certified dads?

because i’ve tried to read a few of them and i’ve got to say… i’m not nearly as interested in colostrum as these writers seemed to be.  they’ll spend whole chapters on the topic. a whole chapter! how do you fill up a whole chapter about… that?!?

look, i’m not trying to be rude. please believe me. i feel like the whole pregnancy process is one of the most awesome and fulfilling things anyone can be a part of.  just thinking about the implantation process, alone, fills me with wonder (as sarcastic as that sounded, i was actually being serious. its pretty incredible)

… however.

i feel like there are more important things i could be reading about, to prepare me for the next several months.  for instance, how to cope with my wifes new super-human sense of smell.  what is that about?

anyways, this is me committing to do my part, in educating future fathers-to-be, by posting any piece of advice i feel will be pertinent.

i know, how noble of me, right?

you’re welcome.

the end.

p.s. for those of you men who are still in the dark on “the wonderful world of colostrum”… here you go